About Us

My name is Tazim and I have experience in computers and Mobiles. I am Graduate in Bachelors of Engineering in Information Technology and currently pursuing Masters in computer science.



• To work on IT enable services.

• Software Developing in JAVA, C, C++, ASP.net.

• Website Developing.

• Databases Oracle, My SQL, SQL.

• Networking.

• Extensive experience with PCs and Macs:

• Web 2.0 Tools: The Social Web, Blogging Software, Wikis, Widgets, RSS Readers

• Microsoft Office suite

• Dreamweaver


• Adobe Professional Suite




I had been thinking about starting a blog for some time, and finally, i took initiative on 10 January 2019. I decided to start a technical blog where I would share my knowledge with others.


I created this site to help others to solve technical problems through easy to understand posts. Many posts contain step-by-step instructions to solve a problem, while also including screenshots or code samples.


I will discuss topics such as Programming, Networking, Cell Phones, Blogger, Consumer Electronics, Windows, Databases, Computer Security, Hacking, Javascript and much more about Latest Technology.


I hope you will have a great time in reading my post.




You can contact me at firmwarecall@gmail.com if you would like:


• Like me to publish a post with regards to a technical question. A problem or question about one of my current posts.


Note: I will not respond to spam or harmful e-mails. Those will be deleted without reservation.

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